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Space lending services


Why choose Comfy

Why is Comfy deploying these convenient services? If you need to clean – move furniture – store papers – supplies – transport needs, Comfy simply offers the most optimal, most affordable service. Comfy brings confidence that you will receive the most professional and thoughtful service. When you sign up for a service we aim to provide you with the most comprehensive so you can focus on other things in life.

As a thank you, each order comes with a bonus item:

Pricing Tablle

Space Lending

  • Base on define weight
  • Base on define Cuber
  • The package weight from 0 to 49 kg
  • The package weight over 50 kg is fee = 15.000/kg/month
  • Cuber from 5 cm3 = 25.000/cm3/month


Listen to what customers say about us

I got the schedule very easy, Their staff are very professional and enthusiasm, i am very satisfied

Mrs Thuy / SWS

I don’t have time for cleaning, so I only choose which service can change the cleaning schedule unexpectedly. I love the way Comfy works. Thanks.

Mr Hai / HOSE

Excellent work. Very good, well done!

Mr Osamu Peppu / Sapporo Holding